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Web design in KwaZulu-Natal and in South Africa in general comes in two forms: Very good, and completely rubbish. There seems to be a small grey area between to two, but we have some extremely talented artists in South Africa, which makes our job at Axis all the more exciting. The web designer with the clear lead in the race to most successful design though is not always the guy with the best looking design.

A website which has a home page containing one extremely beautiful photograph of a product, is unfortunately going to sell less products than the one with a home page based catalogue of products, that may not have a single image on it. Purely because a search engine will simply never find the one with a single image, and even if it was, the person looking at the picture wouldn’t have any way of placing an order. That is an extreme example, but the fact is there is a compromise to be had when creating functional websites. The aesthetics need only direct the person to a buy now button, and to look pretty and professional enough to make the person feel they are in the right place. Sad, but true: do you want the website winning awards for most beautiful design, or do you want a website that produces real leads?

Website design then can happen at a number of levels:

  • Your friend’s son, who is pretty good at drawing, can design it, and will probably do as well as a low budget web designer anywhere around Durban or indeed South Africa.
  • A professional designer can do it, and you will have a very professional looking site that performs well in conversion.
  • A conversion and SEO specialist can design it, and your site’s conversion and performance as a lead generating tool will have its best chance with the backing of a bunch of science and marketing experience.

Axis exists somewhere between 2 and 3 above. Having worked with high calibre SEO and conversion specialists, we have picked up a lot over the years. We designed the site you are looking at now for example, so we have at least captured your attention. And if you decide to contact us about your web development, we have achieved even further. However, we do not claim to be those specialists ourselves. Just as they could not compete with us in coding a website, we cannot compete with them at the very top of the scale in web design. Our policy is: use the right man for the job; so, budget providing, we always bring in the very best to consult on our top jobs.

It is why we are better than our competition, and it is why we will stay there even when they catch on to the game, because they will always try to do it themselves to avoid the extra expense on their part, providing you with the best possible product.

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