Axis Christmas Party - a thrill!

On Friday the 11th December we had our “thrilling, fun, competitive and thoroughly enjoyable” staff Christmas party.

Around 10am, we all met at the Maritzburg Go Karting arena where we all took park in a 15 min team race. What fun!!! Between boss-man Bruce’s competitive streak, Gaetane crashing and breaking her go kart, the 3 guys ganging up on me and playing “dodgems” with my car, the results were as follows:

Wayne - No .1 (the Champion)

Wade - No. 2 (the 2nd Hero)

Bruce - No. 3 (Shame, sorry)

Lauren - NO. 4 (Not bad for her 2nd time... at least I wasn't last)

Gaetane - NO. 5 (At the panel beater)

*please note… the photo attached isn’t a true reflection of the result… did I mention that Bruce came 3rd?”

I have never laughed as much as I did and have never had so much rubber from tyres in my eyes either!

That wasn’t the end of our awesome day… Off to the Karkloof Canopy Tours we went.

After a slllooooooowwwww drive with Wayne, we eventually got there in time for our pre-booked slot. After a quick safety dvd session and a “if you die, we will not be held responsible” indemnity, we were kitted out in our safety harness, a super fashionable helmut and some leather gloves.

On to the back of a 4x4 land cruiser and up we went into the magnificent indigenous forest of the Karkloof Reserve.

The bravest to start was bruce and off he glided to the 2nd platform… we all followed suit shortly after. It was all downhill from there. Stopping at each platform to take in the beautiful scenery, the waterfall, the views and to obviously have a good laugh at one another. Wayne seems to have a love/hate relationship with trees. He basically bashed into every tree and those that he didn’t bash in to, he hugged and loved! ha ha! :)

After 8 fantastic slides, we ended our zip lining with a short walk back to the venue through the natural bush and across a little stream.

A braai and drinks were waiting for us on our return which was needed as it was a scorcher of a day. The Secret santa gift game commenced which was hilarious. After lots of stealing, giggling and swopping I THINK we all walked away with 2 awesome gifts. Thanks Bruce :)

After witnessing a few yawns from our team, at 4pm we decided to call it a day… and again… we took a sllloooooowwwww drive home.

All in all, a very successful, fun and happy day!

I can only imagine what next year’s Christmas party will be like!!!

Wishing you all a fantastic holiday season that is filled with peace, joy and happiness and a healthy and prosperous 2016.

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