Search Engine Optimisation

Google rank

Axis managed to get Google to rank my site well and I have build an extensive global database as a result of his expertise, advice and commitment.

Adrian B, Ashburton

Why is Drupal so good for SEO?

Website development of any sort for any public-facing site would not be complete without some effort put toward search engine optimisation (SEO). To our mind, if you are not trying to grab some online customers with your website, you are missing a big opportunity. Yes, SEO is hard work, and yes, it can be expensive in your time, but it does not have to be prohibitively expensive to get the tools to do it properly.

Google Knowledge Graph Carousel

Coming to a Google search near you: the Carousel. This is exciting stuff from an SEO perspective. We're willing to bet every SEO expert in the industry will be trying to figure out ways to get their clients' web content into that black bar at the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs).

What are Google bots/spiders?

Simply, Google bots or spiders are programs that "crawl" the Internet looking for information that Google can give back to you as a person searching the web.

Reviews on your Google listing

Ever wonder how some listings in the Google search results pages have reviews attached, as Axis Interactive has here:

You too can get all that fanciness, with a very simple process. Here are a few basic starter steps.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation is the first step to maximising your online effectiveness. Free SEO software and advice is available all over the web, and for the most part SEO can be free from the developers bill, however SEO is something that requires a lot of work from you the website owner. We setup websites that follow all the best practices for great SEO and can leave it there, or we can take your website high in the search rankings with professional SEO advice and software that we have developed over many years of working in this field.

Surveyor local hits ground running

Just two months after launch, Surveyor Local has been showing impressive returns in the search engine result pages.

Already competing with our longest standing conveyancing and home buyers survey customer, this new site really seems to be benefiting from the massive effort put in by its owners using our SEO enhancing tools.