KZN Business Training Centre New Site

The Build

The build took 3 months from start to handover including a month of intense site grooming at the end of the initial build, with the client and us working closely together over Skype and at their offices ironing out the final product to product a smooth registration process for the KZN Business Training customer. No stone was left unturned in our search for the most efficient booking system.

Great Feedback

The feedback from our staff and customers regarding the look and functionality of the site has been great.

I really appreciate your dedication to the project and the time you have invested in ensuring that the development was delivered functioning correctly and on time.

I have undertaken many IT and Web development projects in various businesses of different scales in the past. Until now, I have never failed to be disappointed. Having spent a year being messed around by successive suppliers who promised the earth and failed to deliver, it is commendable that from engagement to final delivery you took less than three months.

It has been a great pleasure working with you.

Ian P, Westville

Where to from here?

Phase II

The client wishes to push ahead with advanced SEO on the site to supplement his print, email and word of mouth marketing efforts.

The Spec

Keywords and Categories

Phase one of the site was to create a registration platform. Phase two shall deal in deeper SEO depth and is set to commence mid to late August 2013. Keywords include all course names and location.

Content types

These are the types of pages/items/nodes that you will be able to create on the system:

  • Course
  • Article
  • FAQ
  • Blog


This is what needs to be done/created

Build Custom Drupal module – Course Booker

This is the backbone of the admin side of the site. It comprises a number of parts:

  • Module base
    This is the fundamental structure of the module and all the helper functions
  • Filter by category course search
    This will allow users to easily find courses appropriate to their needs with a filtered search function. This is also useful on an SEO front.
  • Year planner - course schedule
    This lists all courses and their instances in chronological order which enables punters to pan their year’s training.
  • Forms
    The site requires a number of forms in order that users can book courses efficiently
    • First time user booking form
      This is the heaviest form and contains all fields unpopulated. The only pre-population help this form will offer is to pre-populate “company” fields if the user selects and already registered company from a drop list. The first time user list populates a list of “prospective clients”, which an administrator must verify before acceptance into the system.
    • One click booking form
      This is effectively one button that registers authenticated users onto upcoming courses. This form (button) will reside on all course listing pages including filter by search and year planner listing pages. On generic course listings (i.e. not individual instances), this form will also have a drop list of available instances (dates of course).
    • HR/Manager booking form
      This form allows people with appropriate permissions to book multiple users into courses. The form will also allow for the dynamic creation of new users on the system.

    Build custom Drupal CRM module – Administrator dashboard

    This allows KZNBT staff to administer courses, print attendance sheets and print certificates.

    Module base

    This is the fundamental structure of the module and all the helper functions.

    Control form

    This form displays registered delegates by course. It has a function to allow KBT staff to tick delegates as having paid for the course. The form has a print function, which outputs a sheet that can be used as an attendance register. Post course date the form will also allow for the input of attendance. That information will allow KBT staff to output certificates for print, as well as make duplicate certificates available under delegate profiles.


    This function allows users or companies to see their (or their employees) course completion history. This function also ensures that users are alerted to the fact that they are booking a person on a course for the second time.