Benefits of a Content Management System like Drupal

Drupal content management system (CMS) comes with a number of benefits to the casual web developer, and as professional web developers we pass these benefits on to you the customer. Quite simply, web development is made easier by a CMS:

Organization of your data

Drupal comes with a number of tools which make it particularly good at organising your information. The structure of the CMS allows web developers to categorise their information easily. Coupled with our specialised, custom Drupal modules, this categorisation can be used to great affect both for SEO and for your customer’s easy access to information about your products. URL paths can be made easily readable which again helps both in the search world and the usability of you website.

Creation and Administration of your website content

Easy to use web interfaces allow you to update and control your website’s content. Every website we produce allow for this ultimate control. The extent to which you use that control is up to you. Don’t wish to ever touch your site content and would prefer us to do it all? No problem! The controls that make it easy for you, make it easy for us as well, which translates into lower costs for you.

Website design and website development

The flexibility of Drupal allows for an infinite arrangement of content. There simply is no limit to the layout and design of your website within a web browser. The only limitation is usability, SEO and budget.

With usability, one cannot for example create wild splashes of colour and expect a user to interpret those as information. The whole point of your website is to bring in work or transmit data, so to not give your website guests an easy way to gather that information or initiate the purchase of your product.

With SEO, we have to strike a delicate balance between human and Google robot guests to our site. Aesthetics, unfortunately, sometimes has to take a back seat to feeding Google with useful information to help it decide that your website is a good source of information.

As far as budget goes: You have to decide just how much you can spend before the benefits of the beautiful website outweigh the customers it converts.


Drupal’s modular design allows you, and us as your website designers, to build your site in stages. Phased development allows you to spread your budget while still getting the benefits of earlier developments as your website grows.

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