Web design and development

Website design and development is an important part of your public face. With over 20 years in working on both corporate identities and websites we understand how important the smooth transmission of concept from paper to screen is.

Our web clients

We are fortunate enough to have a wide diversity of web clients, who all have very different needs, ranging from simple brochure sites to complex quoting engines. We also cater for a number of CRM, BPM and ERP clients.

Rapid website design and development

Website recovery and upgrades to existing sites

We specialise in website design and development and are well positioned to "take up the yoke" of existing websites, as well as sites in other technologies if it makes financial sense for the project to move in those directions. Occasionally circumstance leaves websites unsupported, when web developers and site owners need to part ways. A lot of our work seems to originate from circumstances such as these. If website recovery is not an option, or if we decide with the site owner that replacement would make better financial sense, we move quickly to get your web presence back to full strength. We understand the importance of your online presence and of the effect that troubled websites have on your Google ranking and general search engine optimisation (SEO) effectiveness and will work hard to minimise any website related problems.

CRM and other web-based software support and recovery

Of course not all issues are related to public facing, lead generating websites. We have on many occasions had to take over web software support for systems such as customer relationship management tools (CRM) and other cloud-based software. These systems can often be more time-critical than SEO websites as they support fundamental systems and processes within your business. Again, we move quickly to understand and remove these issues.

First-build web design

Development for New / Start-up businesses

Developing for SEO as well as web-based software, our website designers and developers will take the time to learn and understand your businesses software needs. This is always the first phase of any new website build, and is followed by prototyping.

Speed of delivery

As a web design and web development company and as a business ourselves, we understand the need for fast software design. Speed of delivery is always the first question in any web project, and matched only by price in importance. The cliché, which states that you have a choice of two, between fast, good or cheap, is well applied to website development. We do not pretend to provide cheap web design or cheap software. But we do promise the other two.

Website development

You have already found a good design firm, however, in case you need further convincing, you need to ask these questions when selecting a website expert: Choosing a web developer.

The development process

In order to build a website there exist a number of elements which all contribute to your website's creation. The elements include: Choosing a developer, Keyword research, Customer identification, Picking a web domain, Web design, Website development, Website hosting.

Keyword research for SEO

There are many tools on the Internet can help. The Adwords tool produces a transparent picture of your chosen phrases and gives search frequency of those phrases. The tool also shows one local results.

Good keyword research should be done at the start of your website design process as without it, or by only doing it after initial design, your site may rank lower than competitors.

Target customer and buying a domain

You need to ask a few questions here to be sure you know who this person is, so that you can effectively communicate with him/her/them. No doubt you already know your target, but you need to give that information to the web design company.

A domain is the "place" where you sit online.

Prior to purchasing a domain you need to think about whether to use your name or a description of your product as well as your gTLD. Your web address should not be easily forgotten. This means your company name could be the wrong choice especially when your company's namesake is its previous owner. The result of an obscure domain is that potential customers might use Google to find you which may not necessarily work to your advantage. If they search for you and find competition all because of your advertising, you would have essentially branded for your competitor. The correct choice of domain therefore might be the name of your product onlinebutchery.co.za rather than Guienthersbutchery.co.za.

As far as your gTLD goes: Bing and Google prefer local sites. That shouldn't be a surprise they want to provide Durban service providers to Durban consumers. Generally it is logical to acquire a location matching domain.

Web design, planning and development

Your website design is an important factor. People are either functional or aesthetic with hardly any people in the middle. Unfortunately that is precisely where a website's layout needs to sit as this is the spot Google gather the most accurate information about your company. The search engines rely heavily on content because the aesthetics mean little to a robot. However, audience interaction is important, because low site interest lowers the search engine credibility of a site and causes you to fall in search results.

The look and feel and the functionality are in conflict. This is the reason free website templates fail to perform in the SERPs.

Development is where any site is coded. There are a few programming languages that can be used here. We are Drupal CMS specialists, which are based in PHP.

Your code's simplicity is totally dependent on your necessities. A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) site might be slightly more code-heavy than a seven page brochure site built on simpler technology. SEO websites also carry more code weight as their tasks are more complex.

Durban web developers face the same obstacles, our websites must answer to the same forces.


Finally: hosting. There are many packages and plans, so importantly, you need to know your sites prerequisites. Databases are not part of every hosting package, but are important to dynamic websites such as Drupal, Joomla! and Wordpress sites. So your hosting plan choice is paramount. Durban has a good range of hosting companies to choose from.

Website Development and Design